Back in the old days, what you only concerned about was just your distressing collection of nail polish displayed on your nail polish rack, but these days, getting the right manicure is now a very challenging venture.

Soon after picking out your nail shape – almond, coffin, round, or squoval – and your nail design, the next thing you’ll consider is the method you use for your manicure.

Although Shellac, hard gel or even acrylic might be the usual aim, ‘SNS’ is gaining much recognition now.

Also called ‘dip powder‘ nails, SNS is a latest, triendiest and most loved system that results in an instantly-applied, versatile and relaxed manicure, ideal for great shades and clean collections.

Dip Powder Manicure – The Process Involved

When you check out a nail salon that provides a dip powder manicure, you will uncover specific items are similar regardless of which nail system they promote.

  • To get started on, the nail technician will get rid of any polish you might have and prepare your nail bed. In case you previously had an SNS manicure, the removal procedure is just very light.
  • The nail specialist will dip your fingernails in acetone for around 20 minutes, then perform a minor sanding and then trim your cuticles. The concept powering the SNS method is to improve the health of your nails.
  • After that, you will get a base coating or two, then a coating or more of powder.
  • The nail specialist will get rid of too much dust and paint on the top layers.
  • Lastly, they will form your nail to excellence and voila! You are finished!

You will not need to sit under a UV light since the SNS liquids dry speedily in regular room air.

SNS Nails and Other Dip Powder Nails Sanitary Check

Once you check out an SNS-certified nail salon, it’s ideal that you validate the procedures they use. You may also look at if they dip, sprinkle, or pour the powder dust over nails. The salon should have a way to keep away from dipping every client’s fingertips into the same container.  But if you’re doing your SNS nails at home, of course, this might not really matter to you.