We all know that Christmas day is coming and we’re excited about Christmas dinner and other Christmas gatherings together with our family members and close friends. Plus, we can already smell the Christmas season everywhere we go. Therefore let’s start getting into the right mood and explore many lovely designs for your joyful manicure. Now let’s get ready to learn how you can recreate this Christmas Holly nail .

Just a reminder, this Christmas nails design is a bit complex, but we are sure that with your dedication and patience, you can still recreate them

Materials You Need:

  • Light color nail polish and one red nail polish for the base
  • Dotting tool
  • Green nail polish
  • White Nail polish
  • Top Coat

How to do this Christmas Holly Nail Art?

  1. Put on a base in a light shade and paint one nail in red.
  2. Have a dotting tool that is smaller. Dip it into any kind of shade of red nail polish you have at hand. Then create little clusters that consist of 1 to 3 dots.
  3. Now dip it into green nail polish and paint lines that will then turn into leaves.
  4. To make the leaves, add two pointed corners to both sides of each green line.
  5. Add some white-colored dots for the snow.
  6. Finally, apply the top coat.

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