Making my own nail stickers and using them is one of the things that I have been really wanting to try. So yesterday,  I tried making my own nail stickers for the first time. I have to say; I’m totally hooked on it! I can’t help staring at them all day because they’re just so cute! Plus, they’re a great way to use up all those little leftover vinyls that I can’t dare to throw away.

Create Your Own Nail Vinyl Stickers

Here’s how you can create your very own nail stickers with the help of Cricut Explore.

First, upload the images you would like to use for your stickers and size them to fit your nails, maybe around 0. 25 to 0. 30in, depends on your nail size.

As soon as you have them sized as you want, hit ‘Go’ to go to your mat design. There, you can duplicate your images as many as you desired. See to it that you trim much more than what you think you’ll need to have. Because they’re so tiny and fine, you might screw up a few when you are weeding them.

Next is your cut settings. Make sure that you switch the dial on your device to ‘Custom’ and change your set up in the drop-down menus to ‘Washi Tape.’ This particular setting allows for very comprehensive and delicate nail vinyls designs. You may use outdoor grade Oracal (651) vinyl or the less sticky indoor kind vinyl. Both would work as nail stickers.

You’re done with your nail stickers!

After that, you’re done!  Then very cautiously weed your graphics. You can use an aligned pin to get out the small pieces. All that’s remaining is applying them to your own nails.

Knowing that you can easily create your own nail stickers, I can’t wait to create more of them. I’m just impressed by how the machine cuts these pieces of art.

If you’d like to make your own spring, summer, fall, Halloween, winter and Christmas nail stickers, just browse more designs online and make more of them. I hope you enjoy it!