Do you hate the salon prices and long wait at the salon when getting your acrylic nails done? Well, no need to worry….you can do them at home easily and faster if you follow the steps below. You will need an acrylic nail kit that can be purchased at any drugstore and some files.

Prep the Nails

The first step to applying acrylics is to prep your nails. You need to make sure than your nails are clean so that they look nice when the final product is complete. You can do this by removing old nail polish and pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle stick. You also should rough up your nail beds using a buffer so that the glue can stick easily to your nail. Trimming your nails will also help you in the process so that your natural nail doesn’t grow over the acrylic and makes you uncomfortable.

Put on Acrylic Nails

The next step to applying acrylic nails is to see which tips fit your nails perfectly. Make sure they aren’t too big so they don’t fall off and make sure they aren’t too small so they cause discomfort. You can do this by selecting random nail pieces and fitting them onto your nail bed. Don’t glue them just yet. Set the ones that fit well on the side for when you do start gluing. Once you’ve picked out the nails that fit, start applying adhesive on the tips of your nail. Quickly after applying glue, press a fake nail onto your real nail. After applying each nail, you want to trim them to a favorable size using a nail trimmer. Make sure not to take off too much of the fake nail so that it doesn’t fall off.

Apply the Solution

Once you’ve glued the nails, you need to mix the powder and liquid for the acrylics. Simply dip in your brush in the liquid first, then into the powder. Once you have the solution on your brush, brush it onto your nails starting at the bottom to the tip. Make sure the solution does not touch your natural nail because it could give you a fungus.

After applying the solution to your nails you will need to buff down the surface so that it is even. Using your nail clippers set and nail file, You can also file the edges of your nails to either get a square look or an oval look to your nails. You will want to use both a course nail file and a smooth nail file. Make sure none of the edges or the surface is rigid. Wash your hands afterwards to make sure all of the nail dust is off of your nail.

Paint Your Nails

For the final step, you can either paint over the nails with nail polish or a clear top coat. Before applying the nail polish or top coat, buff the surface of each nail with a smooth nail file. To make sure there is no dust on each of the nails, you may wipe some non-acetone nail polish remover over each nail with a cotton ball.

You can keep acrylics on for about 4 weeks. Don’t leave them on for too long or you can give yourself a fungus growth and your nails need time to breathe.

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