Probably the most versatile and famous types of a manicure are the French manicure. Although other designs tend to be coming into fashion and dropping their attractiveness, a French manicure continues to be the classic always desired.

It looks suitable almost everywhere you go, either the gym, party or within an office having a rigid dress-code. French manicure looks neat while the finish looks natural.

The ins and outs of the flawless French manicure:

The color of a gel polish
If you’re thinking about the prevailing diversity of polishes and hues, there is an enticement to choose the polish you like rather than the appropriate one. The thing is that the color of a cover polish should complement your skin tone.

  • Yellow undertones – peach shades
  • Pink skin tones – pale pink shades
  • Pale white skin – Beige or milky shades

To achieve the effect of natural nails, use a clear gel polish that agrees with the tone of your nail bed.

The speed of painting a smile line

To make your french manicure neat, a smile line must be perfect. A small fault will ruin the natural look of a polish. Utilizing a fine nail brush or even nail stencils will allow having the right form.

But the most important in this case is the speed. The faster you put on a gel polish or paint, the smaller is the chance for your line to flow. Therefore we suggest you when painting a smile to cure two nails at a time before you finish off the manicure.

Leveling the nail area and designing flecks

To get a great glossy coating with the help of a premier polish, make sure you’ve eliminated “a step” between the smile line and the rest of the nail. You can do this in two methods – either filing off the level difference with a buffer or utilizing a self-leveling top coat which will fill up the resulting “step” and lessen the unevenness.

Follow all these suggestions, and your manicure will be elegant and neat.

Below are some of the neat looking and classy french manicure with a twist!