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Going to a nail salon and paying $20, $30 or more to get a manicure with cosmetic glitter is a waste of money. So why spend much when you can do it yourself in your own home for a small percentage of the cost? With a bit of procedure, the appropriate tactics, and some glitter, it is possible to achieve professional-looking glittery nails on yourself and or your friends for a small part of what you would invest at a salon. Read on to understand how.

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How to do a Glitter Manicure?

Don’t forget that before you paint your nails with Glitter Nail Polish, do the usual nail prep and cleaning. It’s an essential part to achieve neat and glamorous glitter nails.

glittery nails When You Desire to Cover the Entire Nail with Glitter Polish:

  • Use a base coat on your nails and allow it to thoroughly dry.
  • Color the fingernails or toenails with a coating of polish that has the exact cosmetic glitter. An example of this is if you wish to use red-colored glitter, think about using red nail polish.
  • Scatter cosmetic glitter around the entire nail using a dry beauty brush and let the polish to dry thoroughly.
  • Add a top coating of polish over the glitter and let it to completely dry before putting an additional layer of the topcoat around the glittery nails.

Making a Glittery French Tips:

  • Apply the primary coat of nail polish all around the nails; this is the color that other individuals will notice below the nail tips. To use nail polish smoothly, start at the top center portion of the nail and color a line of polish straight down the length of the nail. After that, paint a line of nail polish on the sides of the nail. Then let the polish to fully dried out manually or use a nail polish dryer.
  • Apply the next coat of a similar color if the first coating is too clear for your preference. Let this coat dry fully.
  • Paint a coat of polish around the tips of the nails in any color you desire. If you have difficulty painting a straight line above the tips of the nails, make use of masking tape as a cheap guide. Never use invisible tape as a guide mainly because the adhesive onto it will lift the nail polish away from your nails.
  • sparkly nail polishPut on glitter to the tips of your nails while the polish is still damp. Use a dry, medium-sized aesthetic brush to scoop some glitter from the tiny container it comes in, as well as shake the glitter over your nail. Make sure the nails are above a piece of paper so you can collect the unused glitter and put it back into the container. Let the nail polish dry fully. Although there are some varieties of glitters on the market, the best type to use on your nails is a cosmetic glitter or glitter specifically made for nail art, because craft glitter can scrape and harm your nails. Also, some craft glitter is made of glass, which may accidentally rub the lens of your eyes if you wipe it with your hand.
  • Use a top coating of polish to the fingernails or toenails. Apply the topcoat towards the part of the nails that do not need glitter first. Then color the top coat of polish above the tips of the fingernails. Doing this will undoubtedly avert you from smudging the glitter onto the top of the part of the nail. Let the very first top coat of polish to dry before putting an added layer of topcoat completely.

As soon as you get the hang of painting your fingernails with your dominant and non-dominant hands, try putting on various designs to which you can use glitter. Then, try out your new approaches to your friend’s nails.