Not every woman loves to wear sparkly polish. Some of them just really love minimalist designs or something that does not show off much sparkle. However, these glitter nail designs below are an exception. Glittery nails aren’t just good for the winter season. In fact, you can wear them all year round as long as you get the right shade and the right design to wear that will fit every season. So rather than hold back until the holidays to get back on your glitter grind, here are some of the prettiest manicures with glitters.

Violet Manicure with Glitters by paintboxnails

Violet Manicure with Glitters

Holographic plus Glitter by cassmariebeauty

Holographic Plus Glitter

Glitter-Lined Cuticles by hermajestyspleasure

Glitter-Lined Cuticles

Seafoam-Green Glitzy Manicure by paintboxnails

Seafoam-Green Glitzy Manicure

Triple Color Glittered Manicure by hermajestyspleasure

Triple Color Glittered Manicure

Tips in Glitzy Copper Shade by paintboxnails

Tips in Glitzy Copper Shade

Feathery Glitter Manicure by cassmariebeauty

Feathery Glitter Manicure