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Everything that glitters is probably not a precious gold metal, however, we never really care, since everything that shines are much better in any case. It’s an undeniable fact that most people

nail trends

adore glittery things especially most women. You cannot find any greater shortcut to feeling delighted compared to wearing something glitzy. While other women don’t feel wearing glittery wardrobe, but I’m sure they have a little interest and love for glittered stuff like, glittered nail polish, glittered phone case, glittered hair accessory, glittered makeup and other glittered stuff. So it’s still a perfect gift idea for her – anything glittered.

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In fact, a lot of my friends are really Glitter fanatics – from head to toe, and even their rooms are filled with glittery stuff from mirror, to accessories, to chandelier, to chairs. I, too love the glittery stuff but my favorite is wearing glittery nails. So I am a big fanatic of wearing rhinestones nails and other glittery nail stamps for my nails.

To all our gents out there, you probably are aware that Valentine’s day is really getting near now. You probably are on the hunt for a perfect gift you can give to your special woman or to your mom or to your sister. Find something special, something close to their likes and interest, something unique that will definitely make them in awe. Well, your gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. As long as it’s nice and beautiful and something that they will really like, you’re good to go.

sparkly polishHere at Sparkly Polish, we’re not bothered to express that all of us are attracted to gleaming items. There are loads of different ladies around who would cover their figures in glitter every day if they could. However, that is not really an ideal workplace outfit. As an alternative, we put together every glitzy gift ideas we could find so that your glitter-obsessed buddies or even significant other can sparkle brightly like diamonds all day long regularly. Fortunately, glitter is exceptionally on-trend at this time, which suggests there’s plenty of to go around. So here are some perfect glittery gifts perfect for her.



The 24k Nudes Sparkle Eyeshadow Set -multi-color

$25 – Nordstrom – on Amazon for $8.16



Shake Things Up Mobile Phone Case – iPhone 7 or iPhone 8

$50 – Zappos – under $5 on Amazon




Rollerball Glitter Fragrance Oil

$20 – Anthropologie In stock at Amazon for $9.97



William Wang womens designer sunglasses

$125 – Nordstrom – on Sale on Amazon for $59.99


I hope you enjoy this list of glittery thing ideas that you can give to your girl pals, moms, sisters, or girlfriend out there. If you have something in mind that still glittery but not on this list, you may also try that one, and I am sure they will love it. So this Valentine’s day, make their day special, give them a little something to treasure and add some glitter to their love life.