Materials you need:

  • Base color – teal blue nail polish
  • 2 top coats (a thick and a quick-dry one)
  • nail scissors
  • nail file block
  • feathers

Tip: You may consider buying a complete nail kit featuring natural feathers, it contains all you need and is totally affordable.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Paint your nail with a teal blue base, and let it dry.

2. Apply a second coat. (For darker blue shades like indigo, berry, midnight, or navy blue, one layer must be adequate.)

3. Now, apply the thick clear top coat. Do not wait for the blue base to dry; take the feather and put it onto your nail plate and lightly press it.

4. Now, carefully trim the feather using your nail scissors following the form of your nail.

5. It is time to seal it in using the fast-drying top coat. Apply 2-3 coats for a thicker glaze.

6. The final step is to file your nails with the nail file block thoroughly.

7. Proceed with your other nails.

You are done!