Matte nails are probably among the trendiest nail designs on the market nowadays. There’s something truly unique about them which makes you fall in love with them over and over again. You are aware of all those beauty trends that look, awesome, regardless of who is sporting them? Well, you can add matte nail polish to them.


Smooth, hazy, and elegant, matte polishes transform any simple manicure right into an authentic beauty look. Moreover, to get you motivated to try this out right away, here are the cutest, most insta-worthy designs to do-it-yourself at home.

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This Barbie-pink matte polish looks perfectly great with some minimalist stripes on the other nails. Absolutely stunning!

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T3 Micro

You can get this look by placing a tiny and slim strip of tape straight down the center of your painted-and-dried nail, layer on a white-colored polish, and (once completely dried), remove the tape to expose the red polish underneath it.

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To achieve this look of the segmented, three-shade manicure, put two bits of tape over your nail, leaving a skinny strip in between the two. Color the empty space using white-colored nail polish, then (after it completely dries), cover half of the stripe using a different piece of tape and paint the others of the stripe in red. Soon after that polish dries, move the tape again to segment off another section of the nail and paint it black. Then apply a matte top coat.

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Copy this nail design by dipping a tiny nail brush into white-colored polish and tracing the sides of the ring fingernail to create a boundary. After that, draw a wavy diagonal line down the actual nail and a couple of wavy outlines branching out from it to produce the leaf design. Color the rest of your nails peach, after that apply a matte top coating.