Prefer to keep your nails short, but you have no clue how you can create them to be stylish and fabulous?

Then, this post is for you! Who says you can not do nail art with your cute short nails? Regardless of how small or big the canvas is, art is definitely achievable. That is just what makes it art!

Short fingernails, just like short toenails are so much easier to maintain. Not all nails are created equal, so some nails may easily brittle and some may not. That’s why many people like to keep their nails short all the time. So even if your nails tend to be short, don’t get discouraged easily because you can still apply some cute and lovely nail art to it.

Here are some of these lovely nail art designs intended for short nails.

Creative Mismatched Nail Art

This sweet and visually pleasing manicure is made by using mainly light colors. It’s all about the pastels these days, and nail art indeed is not an exception to this rule. This specific manicure needs nail stripers and a dotting tool. By using these, you can create lines and the floral design within the highlight finger as demonstrated. Finish off the other two along with a glitters top coat. This may look so complicated on the first glance, but it is in fact, effortless. Credit: TheBeautyDepartment

Pinkish Lace Nail Art

With this look, begin by coloring your nails with two variants of pinkish shade. On the lighter pink shade, use a nail striper dipped in white polish to produce a checkered design. Do that on the outside corner of the nail. Keep on following the style as shown in the picture and you will have yourself a beautiful lace nail art! You may also paint the other pink fingernails with some polka dot patterns. Credit: PrettySquared

Pale Floral Nail Art

If you want art and craft, this may be excellent for you! Thin down 2 or 3 shades with water to produce the watercolor look. After that, on a white base, create rough blobs with the distinct colors. Finish off with a top coating. Credit: TheBeautyDepartment

Daisy Pattern Nail Art

This nail art is ideal for the springtime and summertime! You will need a specific thing to produce tiny dots with. You can use a pen or perhaps a dotting tool to get this particular effect. Create several dots so that they link up. Then, top it off with a yellow-colored dot at the middle. Credit: InkYourNail

Rainbow Tips Nail Art

This is one of the very easy nail art design you can try for yourself. Paint your nails with a white base. Use a hairpin or perhaps a pointed q-tip or even a toothpick to make tiny dots on the tips. Use distinct colors for different nails. Credit: SheKnows

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