10 Colourful Fall Nail Art Ideas

Autumn is such a colorful season and we love it. We see a lot of earthly colors, deep beautiful colors which teach us how to let go of summer and give ourselves a brand new look. Let’s see how we can remain cheerful and beautiful this season and let our nails express how pretty autumn can be with catchy Fall nail art ideas.

Fall Nail Art

1. Acrylic Fox Design

A playful fox design is here to be created. Foxes seem to be pretty popular in the fall season. For this look, you’ll need a brown base color and acrylic paint in the following colors: white, black, nude, orange and yellow. You need nail art brushes as well.

Start with your base coat and let it dry. Then use the white acrylic paint to draw in the general shapes of the leaves and the fox, which will make the colors pop. Then start painting how you desire. Acrylic paint does dry faster than polish. For the eyes and the nose of your fox you can use a doting tool. Finish off with a top coat and you’ll have the cutest Fall nail art.

Fall Nail Art

2. Snoopy Autumn Design

If you feel really creative and you really loved the Peanuts Movie, you can get this Snoopy Design. You’ll need a white base color, acrylic paints, time and patience. You can simplify it if you’re trying to recreate the look at home. Start with the base color, take your nail art brush and start drawing your pumpkins. This look will attract children and adults and easily put a smile on their faces. Take your favorite pair of jeans, a comfy sweater, do your hair in a simple ponytail and go play with your favorite nephew in the park.

Fall Nail Art

3. Gradient Fall Design

For this look you’ll need a nude cream polish, light orange, red and a brown polish. Start with a base coat, as always, and then add the light nude cream as a base color. Let it dry and apply liquid latex on the skin that surrounds your nails. You’ll need a damp sponge on which you’ll apply the four colors. First use a paper towel to get rid of any excess product and then dib the sponge onto your nails. Repeat this as many times as you consider it necessary. Finish off with a top coat and you’re ready to shine like an autumn queen wearing your favorite trench coat and gradient Fall nail art.

Fall Nail Art


4. Outstanding Gradient Design

You can create a more daring gradient design with glitter polishes. Here you have a red-magenta, an orange and a gold polish. They come together to create a sparkly combination. As usual, you’ll need a base coat to protect your nails. For this look you’ll apply the three colors on your sponge and dib in onto your nails being careful at the lines until you get the desired outcome. It’s a great look for a party if add a purple long dress.

Fall Nail Art

5. Playful Fox Design

For this Fall nail art you’ll start with a base coat and then add a white base color. You’ll also need a nail art brush and a dotting tool. Gently dab on color with the side of the brush to create the points of the leaves. Add a simple stem. You can use different colors as brown, green and orange. Use the art brush and orange polish to draw a line to make the top of the head, two curved lines for the cheeks, two vertical lines to frame the head, add some pointy ears and fill the head with color.

Make a curved line to define the head and add the eyes, the nose and the paws with a dotting tool. And you’ll have your own fox! You can add an orange lipstick if you dare, baggy jeans, a white shirt, a colorful backpack, comfy boots and go for a walk in the woods.

Fall Nail Art

6. Caramel Dots Design

This look is quite simple. You’ll apply a nude base color and let it dry. Then add a simple matte top coat. Use a dotting tool and three of your favorite shiny polishes and start adding dots. You can use earthly colors. This look is quite sophisticated and elegant. Add a dark brown lipstick, a mustard dress and you’re ready for a romantic walk.

Fall Nail Art

7. Blue gradient design

According to the Pantone Color Institute, this autumn is all about Riverside and Airy Blue, shades which give us a sense of sophistication and calmness. You can start with a blue color base and create a beautiful gradient design using a glitter polish, starting, as always, from the tip of your nails and going upwards until the middle of them. Add a white sweater, a blue tulle skirt, a top knot ballerina bun and natural makeup to be flawless at any event this autumn.

Fall Nail Art

8. Sparkly Autumn Design

The easiest way to create a gradient design is with glitter. Choose a glitter polish which reminds you of the falling leaves. First, apply a base coat to protect your nails, then add a nude color if you like. After it dries, start applying glitter from the tip of your nails going upwards. Most of the glitter should be at the top. You can try to a paint a leaf with a nail art brush or not, according to your liking. This Fall nail art will give you a modern fairy look.

Fall Nail Art

9. Owl Nails Designs

Owls somehow never stop being cute. Or this look you’ll need purple, white and black polish and some glitter polish. You can get creative if you like. First apply the purple and the gold polish. Let it dry, and then create your owls with a nail art brush. For the eyes you can use a dotting tool. This design is great lighting up your day. Wear a gold pair of Oxford shoes to stand out, and go get your favorite cup of coffee.

Fall Nail Art

10. Simple Leaves Design

This look is simply beautiful. You start with a white base color and let it dry. Then you take your nail art brush and gently start drawing your trees. Let them dry as well. With a doting tool start adding your leaves. You can use any earthly colors you prefer: yellow, orange, brown, even gold glitter. Finish off with a shimmering top coat and you have a simple, classy design. Works great at work or at a romantic date.

If you’re going to try these looks at home, you probably realized that with a few colors you can create more than just one look. Yellow, orange, brown, red, gold are a must, besides white and black of course. You need your art brushes, a sponge for your gradient designs, a base coat to protect your natural nails and a top coat to make them last longer. Liquid latex can protect your skin from any mistakes and it’s easy to peel off. So it’s not so hard to have Fall nail art this fall and to proudly show your hands to everyone.