Bring some style to your outfit by exhibiting these easy, Easter nails showcasing springtime favorites: Easter egg designs, bunny designs, floral designs, and pastel tones. Select your trend or holiday icon, and your fingernails will be ready to win over family, friends, and everyone.

3D Chicks Nails

This isn’t your ordinary chick nail art. Well, this comes with a 3D Nail decoration that will take your Easter manicure one stage further! To accomplish these velvety nails, use a little yellow flocking powder and small black beads for the eyes.

Easter Basket Nails

Why choose a single color when you can have a lot? Turn your nails into Easter eggs with the traditional squiggles and dots while showing off all your fave springtime tones in one lovable light manicure and using a dotting tool.

Bunny Half-Moon

This is a simple bunny design that you can easily copy. Stickers and gold glitter will help you achieve this half-moon bunny design.

Dotted Egg Nails

This resembles an Easter egg, perfect for Easter egg hunting.

Stunning Studded Nails

Put in a little texture to your regular polish with small “studs” in a diverse color. Keep things in the light shades to prevent this multidimensional nail work looking too chaotic.