If there’s anything that OPI is known for, it’s their line of quality nail polishes. However, as some people have found, storing OPI nail polish in a conventional nail polish rack can prove to be a task. These bottles have a unique contoured shape that can get in the way of storing them securely in a normal rack. Fortunately, there are several different OPI nail polish racks for people to choose from depending on their storage needs.

OPI Nail Polish Racks – Choose What Fits Your Needs

OPI Fashion 36 bottle Display Rack

On the smaller end of the OPI line is the OPI Fashion 36 bottle display. It features two tiers that can each store 18 bottles. They are spaced out for easy accessibility, and have a slight tilt. The 36 bottle display is constructed of durable acrylic, with each row of polish being held in place by an acrylic grid that doesn’t interfere with the beauty of each individual bottle. Although comparatively small, this rack is also a good choice for retail settings. It features strip holders that can display prices and whatnot.

OPI Designer Series 42 Bottle Display Rack

The second one is the OPI Designer series 42 bottle display. This display features hallmark acrylic construction and comes with removable emblems for anyone who intends to use the rack in a salon setting. It measures in 15x15x13, and is the perfect solution for anyone dealing with limited counter space.

OPI Waterfall of Colors Display

The flagship product of the OPI nail polish rack line is the OPI Waterfall of colors display. This is truly the salon owner’s product, with a total capacity of 756 bottles. It features the tasteful use of brushed aluminum as well as durable acrylic. With a total of nine shelves that can each hold 84 bottles, this rack in itself should easily handle all the nail polish that comes through your salon. For home collectors, this leaves plenty of room for future nail polish acquisitions. However, don’t expect to be able to fit this thing in your bathroom – it’s over six feet tall.

There is little question that OPI’s line of nail polish racks are a solid choice for both home users and a salon owner. They are built of quality materials and have an aesthetic appeal that is hard to beat. Not to mention the fact that they offer plenty of breathing room for your future nail polish acquisitions and even to your newest upgrade manicure tools set. You can find cheap OPI nail polish racks online, although its best to stick to well-known retailers like Amazon. This is the best place to find discounts on this product and others if you are wondering where to buy a cheap OPI nail polish rack.

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