Dip powder nails are the most recent trend in the nail industry today. Dip powder manicure is unique from the manicures you usually observe. As opposed to other manicures, it will not only increase the fashion level of your nails but could also add protection to them. It is chic, it’s stylish, and more importantly, it lasts much longer than regular manicures.

Dip Powder Nails Are More Than Just Fashion

One of the most common problems that many women have right after getting a perfectly groomed nails is chipping. Nothing matches the disappointment that you feel when something like this occurs right after spending much money on that perfect mani you’ve always wanted to wear.

Dip powder manicure helps to protect your nails from such unlikely mishaps. It is accomplished using a colored powder and resin-type stuff to give you a long-lasting manicure.

Brief explanation of the entire process of dip powdered nails

  • The manicurist will clean up the nail bed and make your nails prepared for the dip manicure.
  • A clear base will be put on on your nails.
  • Soon after applying the base, your nails will be dipped in a small jar with the dip powder color of your choice.
  • After taking your nail out of the small jar of powder, the manicurist will brush away the excess powder and seal it using a specific resin-like glue (a special dip polish).
the nail dipping system

The entire procedure is repeated several times on each of your nails.

The nicest thing about dip powder manicure is that it will not chip like other manicures. It also does not use any kind of strong chemicals that can harm your nails. On the other hand, this strengthens your nails. For this reason, dip powder manicure offers surpassed the popularity of gel manicure.