A manicure desk is a workstation, of any kind, at which the nail technician does her job.

There are three types of manicure tables that you can choose from-there are manicure tables perfect for salon use, home use, and portable ones for the mobile manicurist.

Manicure Table – for Salon Use

If you are exploring to buy a manicure desk for your salon and you’re not sure what to go for, then here’s a tip.

When it relates to a manicure table for salon use, you will need to go for a larger type of desk to guarantee the comfort and ease of your clients. Extra features like hand soft cushions and a downdraft nail vent can also improve your clients’ experience. You will most likely need compartments to keep all of your essentials, and of course, you will need a desk that appears professional and elegant.

Manicure Table – for Home Use

So perhaps you are not a certified nail technician, and you enjoy doing nails as a passion, no matter if that be your own nails or your buddies. Or perhaps you are a home-based nail technician and have all of your clientele come to your home. This is still the ideal table for you.

This is something bigger than portable ones but still offers sufficient work surface for nail jobs. A perfect home-use manicure table gives you a desk along with storage space so that all of your products and tools are kept together.

Portable Manicure Table – for Mobile Manicurist

If you’re a mobile nail technician, you are going to want to choose a table that is foldable, lightweight but strong and durable enough to do your job correctly. You’ll still need a few storage space, although the probability of having your kit in a box might be something you would like to think of.

So there you have it. Keep in mind that when buying a table, consider what you need it for. There are many that are available out in the marketplace, but we wanted to give you a good idea of what you should look for based on where you want it for. Hope these help you!