If you happen to be a nail polish fanatic, of course, your collection is definitely growing, maybe even to enormous dimensions.

The simple idea of wanting to manage the overflowing bottles all over your floor or in your counter drawer might seem frustrating but worry no more. Here are some nail polish organizers that you can use to keep all those precious collections in place.

Salon Wall Stand for Nail Polish Collections

Salon wall mounted shelves are perfect if you have limited small space at home. They never take up floor space, or much space at all. They’re simple to set up, and it’s enjoyable to imagine like you own a personal in-house spa.

Delicacy Tray for Nail Polish Collections

A two or three-tiered delicacy tray is really a cute, unique way to exhibit your nail polish collections. You can find these at every store that offers kitchen items, possibly on Amazon, and you might also be able to get one at a yard sale or a thrift shop. To spice up your tray, you can customize it by spraying paint and add glitters on it.

Classic Train Case for Nail Polish Collections

If you choose your polishes to stay out of the way, a classic train case could be a fun alternative. Thrift shops and flea markets both are great solutions, and you can also find them on online craft stores like Etsy.

DIY Stand for Nail Polish Collections

If you enjoy a good work, a homemade rack is a great concept and probably the least damaging to your budget. Also, you’ll easily be able to create as many shelves as you want, according to how big your stash is.