For anyone who is serious about keeping their bathroom organized despite their growing collection of nail polish, a nail polish rack is a must. The racks made of acrylic, lecuite, and other durable materials can help store your collection in an organized fashion that allows for quick accessibility. Many of the quality and affordable products offered by Kayline, OPI and other manufacturers often feature unique finishes that make for a very aesthetically refined look. If you are looking for an affordable deal, Walmart may be one of the places to go. The discount retailer offers a vast array of different color nail polishes, although their assortment of racks seems to be limited. However, if you don’t find a nail polish rack from Walmart, there is no need to despair. You can get excellent deals online from established merchants like Amazon that offer perks like free shipping. You would bee foolish to pass up on a deal like this.

Big Space for Your Polish Collections

For instance, this merchant offers the L.A. Color Craze Long Lasting Nail polish. This is essentially a 24 piece assortment of nail polish that features a beautiful array of neon colors that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere, let alone Walmart. Among the colors are “Nuclear Energy” and “Power Outage.” What you won’t get with most nail polish gift sets is a nail polish rack. This one comes with a rack that accommodates each of the twenty four bottles, and should fit quite nicely into any bathroom. Although the drawers don’t appear to be retractable as you will find in some higher quality nail polish racks, they are spaced apart for quick accessibility to each tier.

Nail Polish Racks from Amazon

If you already have a sizeable nail polish collection and only need a storage apparatus, the 4 drawer acrylic organizer case offered by Amazon should fit the bill perfectly. Made of a thick and durable acrylic, it has deeply inset retractable drawers that should easily fit 20-30 nail polish bottles. You can even opt to purchase the acrylic tower instead, which measures over 17 inches high! Another great feature about this product is that the drawers are interchangeable. If you find that a drawer’s current position doesn’t allow for sufficient clearance for its contents, you can move it to another track.

The bottom line is that while nail polish racks from Walmart may be available, your options are much more expansive if you shop online. You can find cheap nail polish racks at nearly every nook of the internet if you look carefully, although we recommend Amazon.

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