Today we have a unique nail polish organizer up for review. Unlike its competitors, the acrylic drawer tower organizer does away with a tiered, muli-level structure and instead incorporates the use of drawers for storing nail polish. It features the same material we have grown used to seeing in nail polish storage units, clear acrylic. We have discussed in the passed why this is the ideal choice and why you shouldn’t go with knockoffs in an effort to save money. With a little digging, you should easily be able to find the best price for the this acrylic nail organizer, even with some free shipping seeing as this beast weighs more than your average unit. No need to settle for less.

Drawer Tower Organizer – Features

We were initially intimidated by this unit’s tall stature (over 17 inches tall!). It has ten drawers that can each hold three or more containers of nail polish. This will vary, but to give you a clearer picture, each drawer is approximately 5 inches deep and 5 1/2 inches high. The drawers provide a protective environment for the polish, and guard it from bathroom moisture and whatnot. What remains unclear to us is why the manufacturer chose to waste so much space in the unit. The face plate on the drawers extends at least 1/2 inch outward, leaving to waste about an inch of total drawer space. This is perhaps something they should consider changing when they roll out the next model.

A feature that you don’t often find with nail polish organizers is rubber feet. This one actually has them, which can be a life saver if you have nice countertops in the bathroom. Since this unit is so tall, stability is a major concern. Fortunately, it weighs enough so that it is stable yet not so much that it is difficult to maneuver around.

Drawer Tower Organizer – Where Can You Put it?

Although this acrylic tower is marketed as a nail polish rack, you can easily use it to store other items like makeup and whatnot. It should fit into even the smallest of bathrooms as it occupies only a small horizontal footprint.

Short of the wasted space mentioned earlier, the acrylic drawer tower organizer is a solid choice for anyone short on space with quality in mind. If you want to buy this tower for cheap, our recommendation is to find an online retailer that offers free shipping. Even without free shipping, you be able to find big discounts online that your local stores wouldn’t be able to match.

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