For those who have long nails, then you Need to try this really awesome nail look. File your nails so that they turn out to be pointy. Then, wear two coats of clear nail polish. Complete the design with a red nail polish at the tips. See to it that you include an indent to make a heart-shaped pattern.

Sparkling nail polish in shade of baby pink will perfect your valentine’s day. Make sure that you invest in a decent top coat, so the glitter is maintained.

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To get this look, you need to first put on two layers of royal-blue polish for your bold background! Then, make use of a toothpick to draw two tiny Xs in red at your tips, allowing space after each for the Os. Grab little pearls with your tweezers and paint clear polish on the back. After that adhere them to your fingernails between the Xs.

Make your nails as kissable as your lips by beginning with a pretty base of light nail polish. Once it’s dried out, paint on heart-shaped lips using a tiny brush. For added bling, put on two coats of bright lacquer upon just the lips’ pout.

Apply a clear base coating, then paint alternating dark Xs and Os throughout your nails. Put on studs while the black polish is still slightly wet, then protect with a couple top coats to keep them in position.

If you hate wearing pink this valentine’s day, you can still rock a joyful red nail – simply pair it with a different primary color for an immediate edge. Paint you complete nail the color of your preference, after that work with a nail sticker to section off the bottom half. Paint the top part of your nail red, then glue on as several nail rhinestones.