I have never seen a polish with a stronger holo effect than Supremo.  This lilac shade is soft and dazzling all at the same time! Dionisio is a gorgeous deep purple holo that keeps drawing my eye to my ring fingers every five seconds or so!!
See how something as simple as a change in lighting completely changes the look of these two colors?!

Colors: Hits Dionisio & Ludurana Aurora Boreal Holographic Supremo

After I stared at these two amazing polishes for about twenty straight minutes, I decided I needed a little artwork (big shock, right?!).  I used my striping brush with Supremo to create some gradual tiger stripes over the Dionisio on my ring fingers.  But, then, something weird happened.  Just as I was about to reverse the color scheme to tiger-ize my other fingers, I stopped.  I couldn’t do it.  I could not bring myself to do anything that would take away from the magic that is Supremo.  Let me be clear about something … This has never happened before.  So here it is ladies, my New Year’s Eve mani, and I don’t think I could possibly love it more!!!