The times of trying to tidy up your manicure soon after getting paint throughout your hands are about to come to an end. If you are like most of us, who struggle with doing a clean manicure, then worry no more! Shaky hand strokes can immediately transform any DIY project into a complete mess by causing nail polish on your skin. And fiddling with polish removers could raise the possibility of damaging your manicure. But there is a useful product that will get rid of the challenge completely.

ManiGuard – Your Manicure Mess Guard

It’s known as the ManiGuard, and it works just what its brand says. The flower-shaped stickers guard your manicure from becoming a disaster. Therefore even if you’re in a hurry, you can still get a flawless paint job on both your hands and feet. Right after a couple of quick swipes, just pull the adhesives out, and revel in your beautiful and neat nail job. In case you have short nails, you may flip the manicure guards around to help keep the skin above the nail clean.

It Comes with Different Sizes

You will find 26 convenient  nails stickers in different sizes in each packet, and these are offered in 3 various shades that stick with the floral theme.  This ingenious tool is also sold in select beauty supply shops.

Another good thing about this tool is it only cost 10 bucks!

The Maniguard brand additionally has an Instagram account that shares posts on different nail art designs and elegant traditional looks that will inspire you to intensify your manicure projects!  Scroll down to read more suggestions from ManiGuard for your next DIY nail job.