From the several nail polish racks we’ve seen in the past, the Debra Lynn Professional Nail polish rack stands out the most. Upon our first glance at the product, it was very clear that it was a salon-grade nail polish stand. Instead of the cheap plastic that many of today’s manufacturers use, which comes nowhere near to the durability or aesthetic appeal of acrylic, this product uses sturdy, clear acrylic. Acrylic is probably the most resilient material you can find today that will stand up to the constant retrieval of nail polish and the otherwise abusive environment in the bathroom. The Debra Lynn rack won’t warp from the heat of the shower or otherwise discolor. The one downside to this product and others made form acrylic is that they will scratch if you’re not careful. We recommend storing the unit some distance away from any area in your bathroom that sees heavy usage by other members of your family.

More Room, More Tier Nail Polish Rack

The one thing that caught our attention about this unit was the tiered structure. The big gripe we’ve had in the past with nail polish racks was that getting access to certain bottles of nail polish was a hassle. In the process, you would either knock something down or struggle to put something back. The five tiers in this rack make it very easy to fetch and return any bottle of nail polish. You won’t knock any of the other bottles out of place as they are nestled firmly in the structure. Since the entire thing is clear, you can even go about labeling the bottom side of the nail polish rack to remember where everything goes.

Capacity is the name of the game with these racks. This one boasts a capacity of 50 bottles, so one will be more than enough for most people.

Do you want to know where to buy the low price Debra Lynn professional nail polish rack?

We’ve found Amazon to be the best source. The product is actually sold by a company named Cosmetic Solutions which markets many other beauty related products. You should always price compare the costs quoted online to those you may find at your local beauty supply store. Be sure to tabulate the cost of shipping as well, because even though you may find a cheap Debra Lynn professional nail polish rack online, the shipping may tip the balance in favor of a locally sourced product. In this regard, be sure to see how it stacks up against this products in terms of build quality, material choice, etc. before pulling the trigger.

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