Attempting to recreate intricate nail art designs, just like what you see on Instagram, can at times result in disappointment, tears, and some severe self-reflection. Is nail artwork just not for me? Am I condemned to be ruled out from acquiring extraordinary stunning nails because I can’t steady my hands enough to paint a simple nail sticker pattern? If you ever weep similar tears around the nail art, you’re the key reason why nail stickers were created.

Essie Sleek Stick Stickers in ‘Over the Moon

We have confidence in Essie as your nail color go-to, and we definitely weren’t thrilled after they launched these gorgeous and simply stylish nail stickers. You don’t have to muck around with rhinestones and tweezers, since this jewel style is made into this shiny collection.

Formula X ASAP 3D Nail Appliqués

Surface, finish, and color-all in this extremely awesome 3D nail decal from Formula X. It offers a delicate but unforeseen great element to dark-colored polish, the best of which gives you even straight outlines with no throbbing headache of needing to free-hand them.

Jamberry Metallic Chrome Silver Nail Wrap

No nail polish that we know about can accomplish that mirror finish, so gold and silver metallic nail art transfer decals would be the most viable option. A little tricky to find nowadays, this look (with silver, gold, or rose gold) is still such a fresh artistic nail look, and we would like to keep it all over for a bit longer.

NCLA Designer Nail Gloves in ‘Ashford Black’

These types of Nail Wraps from NCLA will come to the great comfort of anyone who’s tried the water-marbling nail DIY. Not only do these appear to be the real thing, but you can also just slick them on and be done with the whole hurdle. NCLA also creates a white, pink, and turquoise variance of this pattern so that you can enjoy marble nails all season.

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips are a couple of the finest you can find in drugstores. There’s a bunch of designs, and they truly last for almost two weeks. However even if they were of disappointing quality, we would still wanna wear these scale pattern nails!