Hi everyone! Today is such an awesome day for nail art!! I am so excited to share with you this pink and purple 3d skull nail art that I absolutely love!
The shades that I am going to use are, Fairy Floss, Frosting, and Wisteria.
I started off with two coats of Wisteria on my index finger, two coats of Fairy Floss on my middle finger, two coats of Frosting on my ring finger, and I immediately created a water marble with Fairy Floss and Wisteria on my pinky finger.


For my index finger, I decided on one of my earlier nail art creations, the interlocking dots, using Fairy Floss and Wisteria.  This is still one of my all time favorite designs.  It was created by accident, and I love seeing it used throughout the nail world!!  I added a touch of tiny silver studs for a bit of an edge.


I created a gradient using a very porous sponge on my middle finger with Fairy Floss and Wisteria.  I then used one of my larger dotting tools with white creme and placed some random dots.  I used a smaller dotting tool with a black creme to form the leopard rosettes.


For my ring finger, I really wanted to let Frosting pop on its own, so I simply added a small lined chevron to the tip using Wisteria and a black & white creme.  For a little extra bite, I added a black resin skull with a little pink bow. You can find these at Born Pretty Store.  They have a ton of awesome nail art tools.!! I finished everything off with one coat of SV.


I love the end result.  It is made up of so many of my favorite nail art styles.  And it’s super girly, but has a little attitude to it as well!!

Interlocking Dots Nail Art Tutorial:

1. Tape diagonally over base color and apply second shade.  Remove tape immediately
2. Using a large dotting tool and place dots along the line.
3. Use the same dotting tool and place dots between the first dots.
4. Add smaller dots in the contrasting color to each side.
5. Add tiny studs over dots for an outlined look.  Seal with top coat.


Gradient Leopard Nail Art Tutorial:

1. Apply two coats of a lighter shade.  Use a sponge to add a darker color to half of the nail, blending the colors at the center.
2. Use a large dotting tool with white creme for random spots.
3. Use a small dotting tool with black creme for rosette outlines. Seal with top coat.


Chevron Accent Nail Art Tutorial:

1. Apply two coats of the base color.  Use a striping brush to create chevron at the tip.
2. Use a striping brush with black & white creme to line the inner chevron.  Seal with top coat
3. Add resin nail art decal.


And, to give you a better look at all three shades …

Fairy Floss