A brand new coat of nail polish may be the easiest ways we know to come to feel pulled together and polished, even though you’re just wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans. This year, the trending color palette features fascinating new areas. Whether you work in your office job, you’re in school, and/or simply known for your stylish power, there are nail polish trends that you’re likely to adore.

Give Your French Manicure An Upgrade

French Manicures may have already been the craze in the past, but giving your french manicure an upgrade is sure a hit this year. So say goodbye to the classic French manicures and say hello to the more gorgeous french tips that look absolutely stunning like the ones you see for wedding nails.

Forget Floral, Try Geometric Shapes

If you can’t decide which flower pattern you want to put on your nails or have tried floral manicure look many times? Then try geometric patterns as an alternative. You still get the colors you had been looking for, along with a design for your nails, but this time around, you’ll have a great time with different shapes!

Fresh and Bright Tropical Nails

Hopefully, this trend never disappears! Many girls love tropical nails since it reminds them of a far place, vacationing and enjoying the beach for leisure and fun. I am sure, putting on your tropical nail design will complete your summer getaway along with the palm trees swaying wherever you are and the waves of the deep blue sea.

Translucent Nails with a Twist

Another nail trend to try this year is adding some twist to translucent nail designs. Painting fingernails a translucent color and then adding various designs such as flowers or some glitter.

These are only the start to the limitless creative choices you can pick out in the new year. Which trend do you consider you’ll follow in 2019?