Every woman’s dream is to look fabulous on their wedding day.
To ensure almost everything is excellent on your big day, especially your manicure, check out these wedding nail styles that will make you feel unique. Everyone knows that the wedding is an essential day in a woman’s life. Everyone wants it to be perfect, and the bride wants to look exquisite, from top to toe. The bride may be the one who will draw every guests attention, and not only because she actually is wearing a wedding dress. All of the little details matter, as well.

One thing that a bride will do on her wedding day aside from saying “I do” to her man is to show politeness to the wedding guest and shake hands as they give their warm wishes to the newly wed. For that reason, her manicure needs to be wonderful. Let’s check out top 10 wedding nail styles that will make you feel like a queen or a princess on your wedding day.

  • Blooming Orchids
    Orchid flowers are lovely. They symbolize love, beauty, and strength and it’s an ideal add-on to your wedding. What about blooming orchids nail design? For sure this will give you a unique look.


  • Pearl touch.
    This nail design is simple yet very elegant-looking. The white and pale pink combination defines elegance especially when you notice the subtle texture when you look closer into it.


  • Matte Nude
    Matte and nude are the trends of this year, and you’ll notice that on many of the lipstick brands in the market. Matte and nude are perfect combinations in whatever occasion. Therefore, you can be confident in using the shade on your wedding day.


  • French Twist
    This is not your typical french manicure but still can give you a french manicure look. The triangular white tip makes the nail design unique and fresh.


  • Light Lattice
    This kind of barely-there style is an excellent option for brides who want a little something that’s above the simple lighter pink shade.


  • Lovely Lace
    Lace designs on nails are suitable for brides. This type of nail art is very trendy and classic.


  • Nude & Glitter
    Other than nude and matte, nude and glittery combination is also a wedding trend this year. Add glitter to that nude and voila! You’ll look perfect!


  • Ivory With a Twist
    This is a simple shade that doesn’t fade even after many years. Many of our brides today still choose this type of nail design during their wedding day because of its simplicity yet sophisticated look. To give a twist to the typical ivory nail art, why not try adding an oil-slick finish that mirrors the light off your nails, providing them with an iridescent look.