SNS manicures last considerably longer compared to any manicures out there. They give your nails a whole satin-like finish that’s really impressive.

When compared with some other gel-based applications, the dipping powder creates a very light and breathable experience on the nails.

Other than the plain color choices, SNS Nails include a broad range of the color palette that comes with the glitter as well as matte finishes too.

Listed below are the Best SNS Colors

SNS Nails Dipping Powder — in 82

This Red shade is the color that you frequently love to put on for the events and also the outdoor trips. This color has got the excellent mood-setting features that you will surely love.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder — in 141

SNS has reinvented the feeling of purplish-pink and has packed it especially for the women who want something fresh and fashionable for their nails. It looks lovely and adds a distinctive elegance to your overall individuality. Whether it is a get-together, a formal date, or a shopping day planned along with friends, it is the perfect color that you would enjoy to add to your beauty kit.

SNS Dipping Powder – within 44

For anyone who wishes to maintain their nails pretty simple and lovely, this is the must-have item which you would love to include in your beauty collection. The latest soft pink color that not only locks a satin-like finish on the nails but additionally elevates the perfect feminine look. Whether it’s the office settings, attending a casual event or a formal get together, natural pink is a striking color to add a classiness to your look.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder  – in 106

This unique dipping powder has the dark shade with very clean hints of sparkly glitter. The glitters only add the perfect look to your nails without appearing over flashy. The blue and silver glitters add more fun to your nails and also reflect them like a celebration house.

SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders

SNS takes the French Tip to an entirely new degree with these fabulous Pink & White Dipping Powders. SNS offers supreme style and healthier nails into one unique product. This fantastic item makes sure you get the best French manicure every time. The beauty of the white tip clutched with the tinted baby pink base appears merely excellent on every girl’s nails.