Proper nail treatment and upkeep is always a must, but with lots of things happening this summer season; like swimming, travel or backyard gardening, our nails really are at risk. But of course, we still want them to look the best despite all these summer activities lined up. Here are some experts advice on how to maintain the nails strong, healthy, and thoroughly polished all season long.

Dos for Summer Nail Care

Do prepare for a day at the swimming pool with added strengthening topcoat. Long term exposure to water and chlorine may tremendously deteriorate and dry out your nails and cuticles. Enhance your manicure with an additional coat of topcoat before a day at the swimming pool, and keep your polish color available for any needed fixes.

Do put on cuticle oil every night. To keep your cuticles from drying out in the summertime heat and stop hangnails, which can result in polish to peel and nick, put cuticle oil application to your nighttime regimen.

Do shield your hands and fingers while working in the backyard. In addition to guarding your polish against chipping, putting on gloves while gardening could keep your cuticles from becoming dry due to soil and dampness.

Don’t spend too much time under the heat of the sun. Everybody knows that much sun can harm your skin, but UV exposure can also fade and ruin your manicure. If you are spending lots of time outdoors, try a nonyellowing topcoat like Deborah Lippmann On A Clear Day. It will help to make the manicure last longer and keep your nail color vibrant.

Do keep cream readily available for travel. If your summer plans entail regular air travel, it is essential to remember to hydrate. Recycled airplane air causes dryness all around your nail beds, therefore bring a travel-friendly hydrating cream or oil to use before takeoff.

Don’ts for Summer Nail Care

Don’t dip your fingernails and toenails. Dipping your nails in water may cause them to enlarge, and if you apply polish while your nails tend to be waterlogged, it will chip too early.

Do keep your nails healthy from within. The advantages of drinking water are well acknowledged, but we’ll add another: Drinking water can help maintain your nails strong and healthful.