Star Wars Tsum Tsum – Waterslide Nail Decals – 50pc

Make nail designs in just a couple of minutes with these waterslide nail stickers by Boston Nail Art! These nail decals will look wonderful with any color nail polish. However, they are printed on clear decal paper and will look best upon white or clear nail polish. Please note Star Wars Sticker Art  colors demonstrated in white in the printed decal will show the real color of your nail polish. This comes with complete directions on how to use these decals. Works with regular nail polish, acrylic as well as gel nail polishes! A clear topcoat will be required to seal off the decals later on. Stickers can last as long as your manicure!


Cartoon Wars Nail Decals – 78pc by Southern Country Nails

These are water-slide decals, so you just cut them, dip them in water to separate the decal from your backing paper, slide these onto your nail and then position them, then add a clear coating. They work best with brighter polish and even french manicures. Star Wars nail sticker art


Rubie’s Adult Star Wars Darth Vader Nail Stickers

Make your own distinctive Star Wars dress-up look with pieces from Rubie’s including this Darth Vader nail stickers. This was designed for use by all ages.





Star Wars Minions Nail Decal, Tattoo, Nail Sticker, Nail Art, Minions Nail Art, Minion Face Decal, Despicable Me Movie MST005-34 by One Stop Nails by One Stop Nails

Love this Top Quality bright and colorful Clear waterslide nail stickers with Star Wars Minions Nail Decal, Despicable Me Movie set of 34. Clear waterslide nail stickers that are very quick to use and uses top salon quality. This was printed on clear waterslide paper, so what you see white on the image will be translucent. This can be used for almost any types of nails: Acrylic, Any Gel, Regular Nail polish.




Star Wars Mickey Ears – Waterslide Nail Decals – 50pc by Boston Nail Art

This Star Wars Characters in Mickey Ears are very easy to use. You can design your nails in just a couple of minutes, and this works with regular, gel or acrylic nails.





Star Wars Waterslide Nail Decals – 50pc by Boston Nail Art

Make nail art on your fingernails and toenails in just a moment. These nail stickers are also very easy to apply to your nails. See them on amazon