There are many glow-in-the-dark items all over us, from toys to t-shirts and even nail polish and nail stickers.

A few DIY nail tutorials choose to make use of glow stick liquid, but this method really gives you varying effects. Other individuals use glow in the dark nail stickers because it is much easier to utilize.

Most glow in the dark water nail decals are available online like Amazon, Etsy or any other nails shops. These stickers tend to be super exciting to put on.  Most of these glow in the dark stickers and nail polish will glow neon green in the dark and looks white or multi-colored in the light. These types of nail adornments are really perfect during Halloween, summer night party, or any night events.

Because nails stickers are mostly water transfer types, you will need water to apply them. And since they are glow in the dark, of course, you need to expose them to light for several moments before seeing them glow at nighttime. Or else, they will not glow brilliantly or will not glow in any way.

How You can Apply this Glow in the Dark Nail Decals

Make sure you clean the nails with nail cleanser.

Put on your desired nail polish as a base color. Wait until it fully dries.

Choose your preferred nail sticker and cut it out. Remove the film from it.

Put it into water 10-20 seconds. Make use of warm water during winter season. It doesn’t matter if you put it face-down or face-up. Simply wait until the paper backing is soaked.

Soften the fingernail. Put the sticker in the correct placement.

Wait for a couple of minutes to let the sticker to set wholly.

Dry nail with a paper towel.

Use a top coat to close off the nail art.

Here are some cool glow in the dark nail patterns that you might wanna try.